Investing In Stocks With Growth And Value Strategies

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Investing is like an automated assembly line. Once you set up the assembly line, you can sit back and watch it work for you. The same goes for investing. Once you make smart, well-educated investments, you can sit back and watch your money accumulate, and eventually start a "snowball effect", in order to exponentially grow.

Make sure to always carry your reference materials with you. You need to make sure that you are prepared with research materials before you start investing. These reference materials can include books, articles, journals, magazines, and many other references.

All funds offer simplified investing for average folks who don't want to get involved with everyday money management and investing decisions like picking stocks and bonds for their portfolio. That's what fund companies do in the form of bond, stock, and money market funds. Before you beat your head against the wall in search of the best funds for 2011 in the three asset categories mentioned in the last sentence, take a step back. There are two popular versions to consider.

A goal is what will keep you motivated. Sit down and identify your goals. You may only have two main goals: send your children to college and retire comfortable. These are the best goals you can have. But go ahead and throw a goal in that is purely selfish. You may want to go to Europe one day. Perhaps you want to buy a boat or a cabin in the mountains. Whatever your goal is, write it down. This is essential in savings. You have to know what you are saving for.

How to mitigate this risk - invest in fundamentally strong companies have little or no debt. Companies with little or no debt will always be able to pay dividends thereby ensuring the continuity of your passive income.

So how do you 'get good' at investing? Take a leaf out of Tiger's book. A coach is a good place to start, an investing coach in this case. Someone who knows the rules of the game who can make objective decisions as to where you're going right and wrong - and on how you can continuously

Trading of stock is generally driven by short term speculation about the company operations, products, services, etc. It is this speculation that influences an investor's decision to buy or sell and what prices are attractive.

Ninety percent of women will have to manage their own money at some point in their lives (the average age of widowhood is 56 - I was age 45). Do you want to learn about money when you're grieving and least able to deal with it or when you choose to?

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